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Janelle Bray
Geddes St
East Toowoomba 4350
0400 079 692
Toowoomba and surrounds
Welcome to an integrative Spirituality of Touch that provides deep lasting benefits to reduce your stress, alleviate pain and foster a sense of integration and balance.

Janelle Bray Wellness Clinic

Rekindling your Spirit and Nurturing your Soul

With over twenty years of experience as an Integrated Bodywork Therapist, Janelle’s wealth of knowledge and skills is invaluable. She is regarded as an esteemed facilitator within the community, and is a highly recommended practitioner and mentor. To all her clients, Janelle provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to health and wellness.

Every person is honoured as a unique individual, treated with utmost care and respect. Treatments are couched within the support of open heartedness and stillness. Throughout Janelle’s practice upholding professionalism, ethical standards and integrity is paramount.

What keeps Janelle growing, and evolving as a practitioner is her enthusiasm for continuing education, connection with others and self-reinvention. As an avid traveller, Janelle partakes in various forums held in Australia and around the world. This has allowed her to connect with many like-minded individuals, and light workers in her field- which has further enhanced her depth of knowledge and skills.

In conjunction to Janelle’s artistic background, and all that she has richly acquired in life experience; invariably it has imbued her craft as an Integrated Bodywork Therapist and Reiki Master/Teacher and Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner. 

The Wellness Clinic offers a safe, professional healing experience, infused with compassion and integrity.  A combination of massage and spiritual touch modalities are available:
Remedial and Therapeutic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage.      
Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Reflexology.
Light Frequency Essences and Aromatherapy.                                  
Crystal Tones Crystal Singing Bowls.

Choose from a menu of restorative treatments, which allow you to truly relax, increase wellbeing, reduce stress and nourish your body, mind and soul.

By appointment only.
Enjoy the nourishing generosity of spirit with an experienced therapist providing a healing touch. 

As an Accredited Practitioner member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd and Reiki Australia, Remedial Massage Health Fund rebates only, available with some Health Funds (conditions apply).

This clinic is a Reiki Australia Certified-Clinic. Supporting Australia’s certification of workplaces that meet best practice standards and is a further step in the realisation of Reiki Australia’s vision to raise the profile and acceptance of Reiki treatment and training, and the professionalism of Reiki practitioners.

Janelle one of a small number of Reiki treatment practitioners within Australia to have completed the Reiki treatment industry Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice qualification.

“Our bodies serve as a perfect feedback system for what is happening on higher levels and the best health insurance is learning how to listen to our bodies - Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Reflexology offer us the perfect gift."


Diploma of Relfexology
Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice
Visionary Craniosacral Work®1-4
Lymphatic Drainage
Practitioner Horstmann Technique
Traditional Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher/Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
Sekhem Reiki
Reiki for Palliative Care and Conscious Dying

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